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Private Club Renovation

This large private tennis and swim club located in Brookhaven had a tremendous amount of space undercover that the members want to be able to use year-round.

The new proposed space not only uses the exterior undercover space, but also implemented areas currently inside the lower level that are not actively used into over 1500 square feet of sitting and dining. The final design also includes almost 400 square feet of commercial kitchen and bar.

During the summer months, the area will have numerous custom glass overhead doors that can be opened and becomes part of the summer experience.

Below are the photos of the space before the proposed renovation.

Below are the renderings of the new proposed space.

The New View of the Building from the Pool.
New Seating Area
Seating Area and New Bar
A View of the New Bar

Events Pavilion – Allentown, Pennsylvania

Proposed Location for Pavilion

Proposed Location for Pavilion

Pine Brook is a beautiful site in Northern Pennsylvania which is currently used as a Christmas Tree Farm and Pumpkin Patch. Over the last few years people have been asking to have events on the beautiful properties such as weddings. Currently the events are held in tents and the current building used for musical events and a store at Christmas time.

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