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Planet Smoothie

We are currently providing the design for all new Planet Smoothies in the Atlanta area.  It is also the first project that is using our new 3D modeling for commercial projects.  This system allows a better vision for both the owner and contractor.  We have provided drawings for the following Locations:

  • 2463 Hamilton Mill Parkway, Dacula, Georgia
  • 1791 Oconee Connector, Athens, Georgia
  • 5370 Campbellton Rd, Fairburn, Georgia
  • 1155 LaVista Rd, Atlanta, Georgia
  • 911 Duluth Highway, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043


Planet Smoothie – Proposed Rendering
Planet Smoothie – Proposed Rendering

City Cafe Diner – Huntsville, Alabama

The City Cafe Diner is a wonderful restaurant in Huntsville, Alabama.  The surrounding area is going through various renovations and the owners wanted to update their curb appeal to better reflect their dining experience.

Existing Restaurant Exterior
City Cafe Diner – Color Scheme 1
City Cafe Diner – Color Scheme 2
City Cafe Diner – Color Scheme 3

The Vista Room

This project involved converting a liquor store into a new special events room for Napoleons Grill in Decatur.  The project began with meetings with national musicians to discuss layout, sound and lighting.  The final design included extra space for the existing kitchen, a first class green room and state of the art lighting.

This is destined to become a “go to” place for both local and national performers.


Yeero Village

We have worked with the Owner of Yeero Village on many restaurant projects. They are able to assemble a team of craftsman that do incredible work on remodels.  This building, located in Marietta, Georgia, was originally built as a Backyard Burger and later renovated into Nicky’s Diner.

Exterior Before Renovations
Exterior Before Renovations
Before Renovations
Before Renovations

The most challenging part of restaurant renovations is taking the new clients needs and equipment and making it work in the existing space provided and existing plumbing locations.  We were able to provide the clients needs in the existing kitchen with minimal renovations.

Stout Brothers – Inman Park

Stout Brothers is a simply designed retail store for specialty or craft beers.  Draft beer is poured into a container or growler to take off the premises.

It is located near Atlanta, Georgia in a mixed use building with retail on the street level and residential living above.

The City Cellar – Cartersville, Georgia

I recently paid a visit to a restaurant I designed in the basement of a historic building in downtown Cartersville, Georgia.  About 15 years ago I was commissioned to provide the design for M’Vorneens Pub that proved to be one of the most challenging projects I have worked on to date.

Bar Built Around the Solid Wood Frames Supporting the Floor
Bar Built Around the Solid Wood Frames Supporting the Floor

What made this project difficult was what we had to work with.  The old building used to be a parts warehouse and to say the floor system was over designed is an understatement.  Solid 14″x14″ wood columns were spaced in a grid that supported large solid wood beams.  At each column there was an additional beam which left a head clearance of less than 5′-6″.  The entire design had to work around these columns and take into account the low clearances.

The final design resulted in the main bar encompassing the four main columns and has about 30 seats.  The bar top is solid steel and was constructed and welded on site.  New walls that were built were built under the wood beams.  Amazingly we were able to squeeze in a full service kitchen.

The space changed hands 6 years ago and the new owner of The City Cellar has kept most of the original elements that create this magnificent small town pub and restaurant.

As a side note, The City Cellar has incredible food and service.



Caspian Grill

Old Wendy's
Old Wendy’s

This project involved converting an old Wendy’s fast food restaurant in to a fine dining Mediterranean Grill.  Saving money by reusing existing resources such as bathrooms, exhaust cooking hoods and walk-in coolers can be a challenge.

Old Wendy's
Old Wendy’s

After the design of the interior is complete and focusing on good flow and workability for both customers and employees, the exterior had to be addressed.

This Wendy’s had been in this location for over 20 years and it was very important to provide a new look and vibe that matches the new restaurants cuisine and vibe.   This was accomplished by vibrant paint colors and new metal canopies.  A covered outdoor dining area has been added that can seat 36 people.

The final result is an attractive and functioning dining facility that has little reminder of it’s past as a fast food hamburger joint.