Quick Burger – Jasper, Georgia: 17 Years Later

About a year after we decided to make WJM Designs a reality, a potential client called and asked us if we had the ability to design a restaurant for them. We had not designed a restaurant before but did have faith in our ability so we nervously answered: “Of course!”

This took us on a journey with Beef ‘O Brady’s restaurants that lasted over 10 years and included over 45 units all over the country until the chain stopped expanding. Our involvement with the first Beef’s started a relationship with a contractor who got us involved with a British Gentleman in Jasper Georgia, who wanted to convert an old Dairy Queen into a diner that also had car service with servers on roller skates.

So back in 2004, we helped the owner come up with a design and plans to kick his idea up several notches and the new Quick Burger was built. The owner at the time, held back on final finishes to keep the budget down and he concentrated on the food portion of the business.

Quick Burger – 2004

This weekend we went for leisurely drive and came across Quick Burger and after more than 17 years the owner has finally added the finishing touches that we had designed so long ago. Yes, we were beaming to see our original concept finally come to life.

Quick Burger – 2020
Existing Quick Burger – 2002

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