Dick’s Wings and Grill

We have just finished a preliminary design for Dick’s Wings and Grill in Jacksonville, Florida.  The owner was unhappy with the original design she was provided and our team evaluated the existing space and requirements of the restaurant.  With that information, we redesigned the space to include essential elements that were missing from the original design and incorporate more seating.

View dicks_360_4 in Chief Architect’s 360° Panorama Viewer.

The space was originally a Panera Bread company with 5000 square feet of space that we had to work with. During the design phase we try to minimize cost by determining where all existing plumbing is to try and group the various elements of the restaurant around existing sources of power and plumbing.

Final Floor Plan

The final design includes a large bar, game room, dining for 174 people on the inside and another 52 people on the outdoor patio surrounded by palm trees.

Large Bar Area

This project is currently being evaluated by contractors and in the near future we will begin the drawings for both a permit and construction.

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