Shasta Way Renovation

A few times during my career I have been able to work with people that do not only force me to improve my game but are incredibly talented and just a joy to work with. One of the clients I enjoy working with as much as possible is Nancy Keenan of Harris Park Homes.

Nancy came to me with this project a while back and a few ideas of what she was looking for. As can be seen from the photos, this was a very plain and boring house and Nancy was not going to have that.

Existing Home – The Challenge
The rear of the original home.

The joys of working with someone like Nancy is she is always open to my ideas and with the back and forth between us, I get to see something incredible evolve.

Original Rendering

The final drawings I give Nancy for construction are only the beginning. She continues to create and revise throughout the entire construction process. Her final product is always so much more than I envisioned and her attention to detail is amazing.

These are the pictures taken after the home was completed and sold in record time:

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