School – Basin Zim, Haiti


(Updated 4 April 2014)  The school is all but finished and will be open in September for classes.  Finished photos will be added as soon as we get them)

Proposed School
Proposed School

Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan preached, “Form follows Function”.  This building will not win any design awards but it is a great example of a design philosophy established in the late 1800’s.  This simple block structure looks just like what it is, but to the children of Haiti, this is a Taj Mahal.

The design and drawings for this school was a gift from WJM Designs to the Children of haiti and is currently under construction.  Having an education in Haiti is not an easy task.  These classrooms are not closed off from the elements but do provide a roof over their heads.

Please visit Haiti Reach for more information and to donate.


Construction Photos (added 4 April 2014)