Residential Design is a specialty of WJM Designs. We have and are designing projects all over Georgia and the Southeast. Many homeowners’ dreams have become a reality with the assistance of WJM Designs. We are pleased to be able to offer you assistance in designing any home changes, helping to gain your Home owner’s association’s approval, or finding quality contractors to build your dream for you. Come to WJM Designs for drawings for remodeling jobs, additions, decks and your homeowner’s dreams. We have many satisfied residential clients who would happily recommend us to you.

As-Built/Marketing Drawings: There are times that a good starting point for a project is a drawing of the existing home.  Combined with a survey, these tools can help ascertain what the client wants versus what can actually be done with the available space.  These are also excellent selling tools for a Realtor’s marketing package.

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan



Preliminary Drawings:   These drawings benefit both the contractor and homeowner.  For a minimal fee, a floor plan and one or two elevations are provided for the project.  Enough information is provided to give the homeowner an image of what they want and allow the contractor to provide a cost.  These drawings are also generally sufficient to submit to a Home Owner’s Association.

Permit Drawings:   Most permitting agencies require some type of drawing to obtain your permit.   Whether it is a site plan or a complete set of drawings that are required. we have had great success with all jurisdictions in the Atlanta and North Georgia area.

Design/Build:   More and more residential contractors are advertising “design services”.  We can work as your design staff as part of your team on all projects.  Your Company information and logo are on all the drawings.  We can attend meetings with you and your client as an extension of your company.