In this tight economic time, any advantage we have to succeed is required. WJM Designs can provide you with the edge to help you succeed by providing potential clients with accurate, professional drawings and diagrams. We understand the concept of time and money.


As-Built/Marketing Drawings: 
As-built drawings and marketing drawings allow the potential client to see a plan of the available space and with your information allows your client to evaluate if the space is viable. This will save your time, by showing only spaces that will meet your clients needs. As-built drawings are available at any scale and on any size sheet. Completed drawings are provided in a pdf format and can be used as needed. Fees begin at $300, and are based on the location and square footage.


Conceptual Drawings:
Conceptual drawings provide a “quick” view of the space showing your clients needs. If the space is already in our system, fees begin at $300 and drawings can be completed in less than 24 hours. As-built drawings are required to provide this service but may be provided by owner.


Preliminary/Pricing Drawings:
Preliminary drawings are more detailed than conceptual drawingsand are usually done on full size sheets. These drawings are more detailed to the point that any contractor can provide a cost to bring the space to reality. This allows your client to see the viability of their dreams with out spending thousands of dollars for full design services.


Construction/Permit Drawings:
We can finalize your project by providing construction/permit drawings including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Turn around for most permit drawings is usually less than 2 weeks. We can also do permitting.


Previous Projects: We have worked on over 30 “Beef ‘O’ Brady’s” across the south east, 7 “Stevi B’s Pizza” and many other restaurants, bars and diners. We have worked on projects such as doctors offices, veterinary clinics, retail spaces, nightclubs, auto dealerships, banks, daycare centers and general office space. We also provide residential services from custom homes to additions to decks.

Commercial Project List