Multi Family


We have worked on many multifamily projects over the years and generally, they are just cosmetic renovations and updating them to current codes. Our newest project in Brookhaven, Georgia will also include a major exterior renovation of 12 buildings including complete interior rehab of 164 units and the addition of a new clubhouse.

Exterior of the Existing Apartments

The existing property has been neglected for an extended period of time and has quite the dated appearance. The new owners are hoping to provide affordable housing with an updated look.

Our first step in any project is modeling the existing structure in 3D, which allows us to see the changes and what impact they will have on the cost in realtime.

3D Model of the Existing Building

Lengthy discussions with the owner and contractor determined that the entire exterior would require new finishes due to the neglect over the years. We came up with a new design and also added a roof over the decks on the rear of the building. The advantage of building a 3D model, although time-consuming, is we are able to sit with the client and quickly change finishes until we have something that both the contractor and owner are satisfied with.

Proposed Front Elevation

Rendering of the Proposed Front of the Building