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Private Club Renovation

This large private tennis and swim club located in Brookhaven had a tremendous amount of space undercover that the members want to be able to use year-round.

The new proposed space not only uses the exterior undercover space, but also implemented areas currently inside the lower level that are not actively used into over 1500 square feet of sitting and dining. The final design also includes almost 400 square feet of commercial kitchen and bar.

During the summer months, the area will have numerous custom glass overhead doors that can be opened and becomes part of the summer experience.

Below are the photos of the space before the proposed renovation.

Below are the renderings of the new proposed space.

The New View of the Building from the Pool.
New Seating Area
Seating Area and New Bar
A View of the New Bar

Out With the Old and in with the New

Here at WJM Designs we truly enjoy working on old homes and helping investors not only flip the property but provide a beautiful home for a family that will treasure it for years to come. Homeowners truly enjoy having the unique home on the street.

Existing Home – What we started with.

The new design takes this 1700 square foot, 3 bedroom, wearisome ranch residence and turns it into a modern dream. The finished home will have a second story addition and a complete interior renovation to bring the square footage up to 3,500 plus a full finished basement. Six bedrooms will leave plenty of room for a large family and the open living/dining/kitchen with high vaulted ceilings will add an air of roominess.

Finishing off the design is a monumental stair to the new second floor and a new covered screened porch overlooking a newly renovated pool. The existing garage will also get a facelift to match the new house design.

The New Vision

Large Commercial Designs

We work for several large property management companies where we provide initial site and building design to accommodate potential tenants.  With our experience in civil design, we can provide the client with both a feasible site plan and a building that conforms to the requirements of big box stores.

If the client moves forward we provide consulting services to establish a team to provide full Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design.

Hillmont Avenue

We recently had the chance to stop by a newly completed custom home designed by WJM Designs.  This project had several challenges including using the existing foundation layout and a 600 square foot first floor addition that had to conform to strict zoning ordinances and a second floor addition.

This project was completed by a team including WJM Designs, Hollow Bone Designs, who did the interiors and staging and also the contractor, Core Group.  It is important to find a team who is able to put egos in check and bounce ideas off each other to provide the owner, an investor in this case, with a cost productive and sell-able product.

The finished home is beautifully appointed and fits in well with the old craftsman neighborhood.

Hillmont Avenue
Our Proposed Rendering and the Final Product

Stout Brothers – Inman Park

Stout Brothers is a simply designed retail store for specialty or craft beers.  Draft beer is poured into a container or growler to take off the premises.

It is located near Atlanta, Georgia in a mixed use building with retail on the street level and residential living above.

Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion

This heavy timber-framed pavilion is located in Woodstock, Georgia, at a private residence.   Design started in the fall of 2011 with the owner providing me with minimum design criteria consisting of a 30’X24′ rectangle, a list of kitchen equipment and a photograph of a timber-framed pavilion photo he had found on-line.

Foundation Walls (Spring 2014)
Foundation Walls (Spring 2014)

We settled on a plan with an added cantilever off the back so they could watch their children on the basketball court and enjoy the view.  The structure was to be located on a steep slope at the edge of the pool so the services of both a soils and structural engineer were procured.  Large helical piers were drilled through the slope to support the structure near the pool and a large “H” shape foundation was built to prevent the pool from pushing the new pavilion down hill.

3D Timber Frame Design
3D Timber Frame Design

Originally the heavy timber frame was to be pre-engineered, manufactured in North Carolina and then delivered and assembled on site.  This required designing each member to get the look we were after and involved several iterations of three-dimensional design layouts.  After the contract was awarded, it was determined that a craftsman would build the frame on-site using mortise and tenon connections.

Original Design 2012
Original Design 2012

The owner put the project on hold for a year and a half and construction began last spring and took approximately 8 months.  It includes a large gas grill, side burners, several warming trays, dishwasher, wine cooler, refrigerators and more.

Below are photographs of the finished project.  This is one of those projects that I am very proud of being involved with….

(Click on photos to enlarge)

CONTRACTOR: Heck and Company
(Photography by WJM Photography)

Haven – The Dog Spot: Marietta, Georgia

This project involved turning an old bar and restaurant into a state of the art dog kennel and rescue facility.  At almost 6000 square feet, the facility has plenty of kennels, a large group play area for the dogs along with grooming and an area for medical evaluation.  An outdoor play area is also available.

One design challenge on this project was noise control to the adjacent tenants.  To accomplish this we designed a double wall with a 3″ air space between them and each wall containing batt insulation.


Inside The Man Made Movie House

I recently found some additional pictures of the Man Made Movie House. The utmost fun about working on this projecvt was my phone ringing from the producers who always had questions like “Can we make a pool table disappear into the floor?”  My answers were always, “Of course”.  Now when I said these things could be done, I really did not know how it was going to be accomplished.  These situations made this project not only challenging, but backing up my mantra of anything can be built, it just takes money and knowledge.  The money part was not usually an issue.  Companies provided their products free or at a highly reduced rate to be featured on television.

The disappearing pool table was actually an easy solution and was part of the original design criteria and allowed us to design a “basement” area for the lift.  It looked much more high tech on television but due to costs it was actually simple but not very functional.  An industrial lift was placed in the basement with a rectangular section of flooring attached to its top.  When one wanted to play pool, the floor was lowered, several large men put the table on the lift and back up it went.

Middle Level of the Fire Pole
Middle Level of the Fire Pole

Another call requested the feasibility of fire poles going from the upper deck to the bottom floor.  This became much more difficult of a request than it seemed.  Fire poles generally are not put in fire houses anymore so there was no design data I could find.  Luckily I recalled the City of Marietta, Georgia’s main fire station still had functioning poles.  Several phone calls and we were able to measure the poles and the diameter of the holes needed.  The next issue was dealing with the Cherokee County code officials including the Fire Marshal’s office.  Fire poles are not covered in the building codes so we had to negotiate and come to a mutual agreement to provide as much safety as reasonably.  Technically being a “movie set” we were given some latitude. Continue reading Inside The Man Made Movie House