Fuller Coservatory – Acworth, Georgia

This  Sunroom or Conservatory is a truly unique structure that needed to fit in with all the ponds and gardens on Mr. Fuller’s property.

It is a “TEE” shaped aluminum structure with the conservatory or main area having a glass roof sloping from the first floor to above a new deck at the second floor. The main room has an elevator, wet bar, balcony and water garden filled with Koi.  Part of the roof structure is supported with solid wood beams.

Before Construction

Before Construction

The southern part of the “TEE” is a state of the art exercise room with a sauna and an eight person spa with spectacular views of the property surrounding the Fuller Residence.

 The northern part of the “TEE” is a greenhouse using modern hydroponics.

 The main room materials are all drawn from nature. From the bamboo on the walls, the roughs sawn cypress siding, to the ledge stone on the elevator shaft, this design draws from nature.


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