Carriage House Catering – Marietta, Georgia



Putting a full catering kitchen in a building that is over 120 years old was a fascinating challenge.

The Carriage House sits on the rear of the property where the Whitlock Inn Bed and Breakfast is located in Marietta, Georgia.  Over the years it has been used for many purposes.  The biggest challenge was fitting in all the equipment with out moving walls and minimizing any new doors and openings.  Being a historic structure, we also wanted to maintain the integrity of the original structure.  The City of Marietta was helpful in finding ways to accomplish this as it is not possible to bring a structure such as this up to date with current codes.

Along with our many years in restaurant design and with the experience of the Catering Company’s chef we were able to design a well functioning kitchen including prep areas and a dish-washing area.  A commercial hood was installed for the fully functioning cook line.  The result was a very tight space with every nook and cranny used and at the same time very practical.

The space has been  so successful for the company and their business they are currently looking to relocate to a much larger space.



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